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Hush the Sky


I lived in Northern Italy as a baby during the time they call “your most formative years”.   The first words I learned to speak were in Italian.   Only recently I have been able to travel back and I have been startled by the immediate visceral connection. I drove from Milan to the lakes of Northern Italy, on to a tiny town in Switzerland, and back through mountain peaks, marble quarries, ragged ocean cliffs, through Florence into vineyards in the heart of Tuscany.

Hush The Sky” is a hand-drawn animation using line to record random memories of the journey.

The stream of images comes together on a chalkboard, in real time, with markings and erasures. The designs and patterns, culled from my personal experiences and snap shots, link back and forth, from nature to the built environment – from Medieval to Modern. Beginning with a wish I made, blowing the delicate seeds of a dandelion into the wind, the animation follows memories as they jump into consciousness.

In this Project Space the video will be updated as it progresses. Below each “Part” is included related snapshots from the trip (wildflowers, mosaics, hills, rock walls, iron gates, geometric patterns). Scrolling to the bottom, viewers will eventually be presented with all the segments, and one last complete short video. For the curious I will also included pictures of the set-up in my studio and still shots of the chalkboard in progress.

Alette Simmons-Jimenez





June 12, 2013





June 18, 2013





July 8, 2013




July 9, 2013




July 9, 2013



And… the complete …. “Hush The Sky”

July 9, 2013





July 12, 2013


The Set-Up

Raw Fast-Forward



And Comments:


I absolutely love it! I think it is one of your best videos to date! A bit Kentridge but at the same time it is not! Did you do it video or still?

— Anaj Marais, multi disciplinary artist,


Cool! It is nice to see all the snippet of memories of the trip reinterpreted.

— Mariela Alvarez, designer at iCrave, blogger at


the land scape part is Super Powerful! and i really love the ending


awesome!!!  go momma go!

— Day Jimenez, design director at Work-Bench, Day

    AS-J reply: “Ha ha- artists don’t go anywhere – except circles … Very fitting for my work.


I love the chalk drawings, very creative, but I didn’t understand how they relate to the photos

— Rona Simmons, author at


Nice! Came out really well.

— Kim Jimenez, social media lead at The Barbarian Group,




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